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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simply-Debrid?

Simply-debrid is a premium link generator, ie this is a ready-to-use solution that allows you to download your files on different filehosts with a simplified manner as if you were a PREMIUM user

What is a filehost?

A filehost is an online service that offers you the ability to store and download your files, there are many (ie: Uptobox, Scribd, Zippyshare, Netload etc ...)

How do I download my files with Simply-Debrid?

You simply have to copy and paste the original link into our link generator. You need to select the link and your download begins as if you were a premium member at your selected filehost.

Why buy an account on Simply-Debrid?

First of all, the advantage is about the number of hosts that we offer. In addition, a normal filehost account costs an average of 10 euros per month, Simply-Debrid offers you the opportunity to download several filehosts for only 3.0 euros per month.

Is this a scam?

No, our users are entitled to use our services without any risks.

What are the advantages of being premium on Simply-Debrid?

The Free account offers a limited number of filehosts. Upgrading to a premium account will give you access to all provided filehosting service that Simply-Debrid has to offer

Can I download unlimited once my PREMIUM status is acquired?

Yes, you can download unlimited on all our hosters within reason to ensure stability, the quality of our services and in order to not degrade the quality of other users

Can I download at full speed?

Yes, as long as your connection allows it. However, in certain cases your maximum speed may not be reached as we are limited by the speed that the source filehosts are able to provide

Am I allowed to use a download manager ?

Yes, absolutely, and we recommend it. Indeed download managers optimize your downloads on our services by opening multiple connections to our servers.

I'm disappointed about my download speed, what can I do?

We recommend you use a download manager such as Internet Download Manager, Free Download Manager or Jdownloader to adjust your speed problems

Do you handle pause and resumable downloads?

Yes, pausing and resuming downloads are functions that are fully managed by our systems

After I copied and pasted a link I get a message "Under maintenance, Under test "

If this message appears it means that we are currently making changes to the filehost, we recommend that you wait a bit and try again later, the host should be functional soon.

A friend wants to use my account. Am I allowed to share my account?

Unfortunately no, it is strictly forbidden to share your account. Manual and automatic checks are carried out regularly in order to control fraud, and any account sharing can result in immediate suspension of your account without any notice

I get an error message when I click on a link generated, what am I supposed to do?

The incident is reported automatically, you can also contact us by email explaining the problem(

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