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Free Premium Link Generator for your visitors

We always provided a Free service on Simply Debrid, this was actualy how Simply Debrid started at the begining ! Today, the free service does still exist but we wanted to open it to a large community through webmasters. We know that many of you are providing contents hosted on filehosting service, digital documents/books service or audio content, and Simply Debrid does provide the service to generate links for this kind of services. This is why we would like to help you in order to make your visitor's life easier with filehosting services.

How does it work?

As a webmaster you'll be able to provide and use the already provided free service which means:

  • Number of services provided limited for free users
  • Daily limit of 5 links/day (less for some services)

List of FREE supported filehosting service

If you want to provide the free service for your user, you only need to transform your links:


HTML Code:
<a href=""ORIGINAL_LINK">Download Link</a>